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Project ecosystem

CAGS is an ecosystem with many interrelated projects and repositories.


A platform putting together a database/catalog of agrogeophysical surveys in order to promote FAIR practicies and boost future research
Ready to use but changing


A collection of reusable jupyter notebooks that use agrogeophysical models
Ready to use but changing


A list of agrogeophysical dataset of interest with associated survey metadata and quality assessement metadata


Geophysical Metadata Management
In construction

How to contribute

Accepted contributions are scientific communications with a DOI, ideally packaged with a companion computationnal notebooks and/or a dataset DOI and description complying with CAGS guidelines (see below for preparation).



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  • Build a repository that is trust by the community
  • Gather datasets needed for modeling
  • Create synergies
  • Finding easily georeferenced data-sets linked to research themes

Metadata mining

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